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Our products are available for viewing and purchase in our salon 'Off With Your Hair!' in Malmsbury, Victoria.  Due to me going back to work and lack of time to keep this website accurately updated we are going to be closing the web store in September.  We will be contactable through our Facebook page, and will offer a smaller rang of our products for purchase through Facebook or email order.  





B.E.N Coconut Shampoo-Natural horse shampoo, natural equine shampoo, paraben free shampoo, sulphate free shampoo, shampoo with coconut oil, shampoo for dry skin
B.E.N Coconut Shampoo
$3.00 - $20.00
Lunette Aine-lunetter reusable menstrual cup
Lunette Aine
Organic Silk Floss-radius organic silk floss, biodegradable dental floss
Organic Silk Floss
Out of Stock

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